We specialize in all aspects of hardwood flooring.

Wood Flooring Installation

We install raw wood, prefinished, engineered, and laminate wood flooring as well as trim and stair treads. Our team works closely with you to determine what type of flooring is best for your situation. There’s no sales pitch, just great hardwood floors and our commitment to helping you maintain your floor’s beauty and resilience for many years to come.

Wood Floor Sanding & Refinishing

We sand and refinish new, raw wood, as well as existing or prefinished flooring.   We have state of the art equipment to minimize the amount of dust and clean up you will need to do once we are done. All machines in the sanding process are connected to a dust containment system that is the most advanced dust containment system available. It combines a Bona exclusive two-step cyclonic intake system with a hospital-grade HEPA filter to drastically reduce and eliminate dust from entering the room. Along with floors, we also sand and refinish stair treads.

Wood Floor Repair

If you have a single board in the middle of a room, or your are trying to add wood to another area of your house to match your existing flooring, we have the ability to that as well as any other repair that you may have.