4th Generation Flooring

Cody Griffith Owner, Flooring Expert

In 1946 my great-grandfather began one of the most well-known and respected hardwood flooring companies in central Indiana. After learning from and working with my family (Father and Grandfather) for many years, I realized that hardwood floors were my passion as well.

At 4th Generation Flooring, we combine old school knowledge and craftsmanship with modern day technology and customer service to give you the best final product. I bring over 20 years of hands-on experience, passion, and desire to provide you with the very best possible hardwood floor for your home.

I understand that hardwood floors are a very big investment, and because they are such, we take our time to ensure that you are completely satisfied with all aspects of the process.

Your consideration for any of your hardwood flooring needs (installations, sand and refinishes, or repairs) is greatly appreciated. I strive to earn your business.


Cody started working for the family hardwood flooring business full time while on summer break from school at the age of 12. He worked every summer until he went off to college at the age of 18. While at Purdue, Cody received his Bachelors of Science while majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management. After graduation Cody spent 5 years at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown where he spent time as a housekeeping manager, front office manager, security manager, and event sales manager. Cody and his wife Mallory got married in 2009 and shortly after moved up to Northern Wisconsin for her job. After two years in Wisconsin they decided to move back to Indiana to settle down closer to family and start a family of their own. Connor Griffith was born in 2013 and his little brother was born in February of 2016.

What Makes Us Different?

You have a lot of options when it comes to selecting a hardwood flooring contractor in our area.  How do you choose the right one? 

Below you will find some reasons that we believe distinguish us from others.

While other flooring companies may find it beneficial for them to offer tile, carpet, laminate, etc. We feel that focusing and specializing in one particular area ensures that our team knows every aspect of our specialty.

Refinishing a hardwood floor used to be an extremely dusty job, and it is often still thought of as such. Dust is not only hazardous to the homeowner and contractor, but it is also a huge pain to clean up. Our BONA Atomic Dust Containment System is the most advanced and powerful dust containment system available. Studies show that with this dust containment system, 99.8% less dust is spread throughout the air and your house over the traditional sanding process. Along with our Atomic trailer we also use a HEPA Air Scrubber that will run the entire time we are in your house, eliminating 90% of airborne dust. We understand that dust is a primary concern for homeowners (and with good reason), because of this we do take dust containment very seriously. At the end of the day....Dust settles, but you don’t have to!

NWFA is the National Wood Flooring Association. The NWFA is the Nationally recognized Association for our industry. The NWFA provides us access to the latest guidelines, standards, products and training.

Industry standards change, expectations change, products and machines change. With an ever evolving industry we put a very high value on continuous education and training. All team members participate in ongoing educational class, training seminars and participate in the NWFA University; which offers online classes and certifications.

We have a lot of pride in our work, and place a very high value on customer service. We also take pictures of EVERY job, most are posted to our Facebook or Instagram accounts. You can also read our reviews on Google. Please scroll through and you’ll see all of our work, not just a few jobs that we thought looked good.

We will meet when I come out to do an estimate on your floor, I’ll send you the estimate, I will come out with the team and do the work, and I will be there when we wrap it up. This cuts out any misunderstandings, concern of who is coming into my house, or communication through a middleman. With every job, my reputation is on the line to deliver a superior product, and being on every job site ensures that I am able to do so.

Believe it or not, all of the best products aren’t carried by the local suppliers. We go to multiple shows and classes throughout the year to try to best determine the highest quality, most durable products for our customers. We know and understand the pros and cons of each product that we use and we tailor those selections to best fit your lifestyle.

We carry a million + dollar Liability policy, along with workers compensation should anything happen in or around your home.

Our process is ever evolving along with the advancements in equipment and technology. We invest heavily in cutting edge equipment that positively impacts the end result greatly, but the real difference is in our added processes and attention to detail. We are constantly tweaking and adjusting our process to improve. What we do is no secret, and we have no issue sharing it. We’re comfortable sharing our process, because even though other companies out there could implement these processes, the additional time needed to do so and the additional attention to detail is the difference maker.



We put a very high value on continuous education and training, we do this in order to stay current with industry trends and advancements. Continious education and keeping up with industry trends help to ensure that you are getting the best products and practices for your investment.

  • DuraSeal Certified Stain and Finish School and also a member of their Council of Experts
  • LOBA Certified
  • WAKOL Certified
  • Lagler PST Certified
  • BONA Certified
  • BONA Ambassador
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • NWFA Members: Ongoing education and certifications

Questions to Ask Other Potential Vendors

  • What is your dust containment process? Do they have vacuums, air scrubbers, etc?
  • Are you insured? Should something happen in your home, will they have the insurance to cover it?
  • Do you have references (it might be good to ask for a current reference, and one from the past to see how their work is holding up)
  • Who will actually be doing the work on my floors?  Is it someone who is personally invested, or someone that is just showing up to a job?
  • How long will it take?  Are they Rushing through the process, skipping steps, or keeping you in a construction zone for longer than expected?
  • How far out are you booked? It’s nice to get immediate service, but you should probably be weary if that’s the case.  Why aren’t they booked?  Sometimes jobs get bumped or pushed back and those do create openings, but most reputable flooring contractors are booked out 3-8+ weeks.